Printable Pelican Coloring Pages

Pelican is a type of water bird that has a sac that can enlarge at the bottom of its beak. Pelicans are found in almost every corner of the world. Some types of pelicans are seabirds, and some are birds that are common in sea water and in fresh water. The typical thing about Pelican birds is that the sacs in the beak are large and can grow bigger. This beak is useful when eating fish. The long tapered beak can reach 30 cm. In addition to the beak, Pelican can also be identified from its wings that stretch long, can be up to 2.7 meters. Overall, the pelicans’ body length reaches 1.5 meters.

The following is our Pelican Coloring Page collection. You are free to download and make it your child’s learning material.