Possum Coloring Pages For Kids

Possums live in the trees and occasionally come down to the ground to look for food. Brush-tail Possums live in tree hollows and Ring-tail Possums in the south of Australia build a nest out of sticks. Both types may live in our roof if they can’t find suitable homes in trees. Possums live in territories and mark the boundaries with smells. They rub the scent from the glands under their chin, chest and base who knows who ‘s the boss in the area. Possums protect their territories by fighting off intruders. The body of a possum is made for life in the trees. They have strong, sharp claws, and hand-like back feet. The Ring-tail Possum has a prehensile tail which acts like a branch to ease. They can also use it to carry nesting material.

The following is our collection of Possum Coloring Page. You are free to download and make it your child’s learning material.