Sample Email for Sending Billing Statement: Best Practices and Tips

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The Best Structure for Sending a Billing Statement via Email

Sending out billing statements to customers via email can save your company time and money and increase efficiency. However, to ensure that your billing statements are effectively communicated to your clients, it’s essential to get the structure of your emails right. Here are some tips for crafting a well-structured billing statement email:

Subject Line

The subject line of your email is the first thing your clients see. It should be clear, specific, and reflect the content of the email. Use a generic subject line, such as “Billing Statement,” and your email may get lost in your client’s inbox. A better approach is to be specific, mentioning the date or the invoice number. For instance, “August 2021 Monthly Invoice.”

The Salutation

Start the email with a friendly greeting to make it feel more personal. A simple “Hi [client’s name]” or “Dear [client’s name]” will suffice. Using an individual’s name adds a personal touch to the email and can make them feel valued and appreciated.

Statement Header

Ensure your email’s header contains all the necessary details, such as your company name, address, phone number, email, and website. This information can help to establish your credibility and makes it easy for clients to identify the source of the email. Also, include the invoice number, the billing period, and the date of the invoice for easy reference.

Body Paragraphs

The body of your email should include various paragraphs with the relevant information about the billing statement. Consider breaking up the text into distinct sections. For example, include an opening paragraph that mentions the purpose of the email, detailed billing reports, payment options, and payment due dates. It’s also a good idea to include a summary of the account’s recent activity, such as transactions and payments made.


At the end of the email, include a friendly closing message that encourages the customer to contact you if they have any questions or concerns. Thank them for their business, and provide them with a reliable way to reach you. A closing message that goes something like “We appreciate your business, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or require further assistance” can be a nice touch.

Attached File

Your email should include an attached file of the actual billing statement. The file should be easy to read and well-formatted, and contain all relevant information such as the total due, a breakdown of charges, and the due date. Ensure that the attached file is compatible with a variety of devices and formats so that your clients can access it easily.

By following this structure, your billing statement email will be adequate, efficient, and effective. It makes it easy for clients to understand the email and process their payments promptly, resulting in a smooth financial relationship between both parties.

7 Billing Statement Email Templates

Request for Payment of Overdue Balance


We would like to remind you that your account with us is currently past due. The total amount outstanding is <?php # insert total amount due here ?>. We kindly ask that you settle this amount as soon as possible in order to avoid any further complications.

If you have already made a payment, please disregard this message. If not, please make payment immediately using the link below or by visiting our website and accessing your account.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

Best regards,

First-Time Billing Statement


We are pleased to provide you with your first billing statement from our company. You can find your total balance due in the amount of <?php # insert total amount due here ?>.

Please note that payments can be made by visiting our website and accessing your account or by following the payment link provided below.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

Thank you for your business.

Best regards,

Payment Receipt Confirmation


We are writing to confirm that we have received your payment. Your payment of <?php # insert payment amount ?> was received on <?php # insert payment date ?> and has been applied to your account.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

Thank you for choosing to do business with us.

Best regards,

Credit Limit Exceeded Due to Late Payment


We regret to inform you that your account credit limit has been exceeded due to a past due balance. As per our credit policy, accounts with balances over the assigned credit limit will be placed on hold until payment is received.

Please make a payment immediately using the link below or by visiting our website and accessing your account.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

Best regards,

Dispute Resolution Statement


We are in receipt of your letter concerning a dispute on your billing statement. We appreciate you bringing this to our attention.

We will investigate the matter and provide you with an update within 30 business days. In the meantime, we ask that you make payment on the undisputed amount of your statement.

We appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter.

Best regards,

Billing Statement Adjustment Confirmation


We are writing to confirm that your billing statement has been adjusted to reflect a <?php # insert adjustment % or dollar amount ?> credit.

You can view the updated statement online by visiting our website and accessing your account.

If you have any further questions or concerns about the adjustments made, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your business.

Best regards,

Invoicing Error Correction Notification


We are writing to inform you that an error was made on your recent invoice. The error has been corrected and a new invoice has been generated. The original invoice has been voided and will not reflect any charges.

We apologize for any confusion this may have caused and thank you for your understanding.

Best regards,

Tips for Sending a Billing Statement Email that Gets Results

It’s important to get your billing statement emails right. They’re not only a reflection of your business, but they can impact your cash flow too. Here are some tips to help you send out an effective billing statement email:

  • Be clear in your subject line: Your subject line should be direct and concise. It should convey the purpose of the email in a few words, for example, “Invoice Payment Due” or “Monthly Billing Statement.”
  • Keep it brief: People generally don’t have the time or patience to read lengthy emails. Keep your billing statement email brief and to the point. Focus only on key information such as the amount owed, due date, and payment options.
  • Include all necessary information: Make sure you include all necessary information such as invoices, receipts, and account statements. Be sure to clearly state what the payment is for, the date of the invoice, and the amount due.
  • Provide multiple payment options: Provide multiple payment options to make it easy for your customers to pay. Include links to your payment portal, as well as instructions on how to pay by check or phone.
  • Be friendly but professional: Your billing statement email should be courteous and professional. Address your customer by name and make sure your tone is not overly demanding or confrontational.
  • Follow up: If you don’t receive payment by the due date, follow up with a gentle reminder. This not only helps you get paid faster, but it also shows your customers that you care and are invested in their satisfaction.

By following these tips, you can send out billing statement emails that are effective, professional, and get results. Remember, your billing statement email is an important part of your business, so make sure you take the time to get it right.

Sample Email Sending Billing Statement

What is a billing statement?

A billing statement is a document sent by a company to its customers, containing a summary of their account balance and transactions made during a specific period.

Why do I receive a billing statement?

You receive a billing statement to keep track of your account balance, transactions, and to verify the accuracy of the amount you owe the company.

What information is included in a billing statement?

A billing statement typically includes the account balance, payment due date, transaction details, fees or charges, and any other important information related to your account.

How do I read my billing statement?

To read your billing statement, you need to understand the different sections of the statement and the information included in each section. You can refer to the instructions provided by the company or seek help from their customer service team if you have any questions.

What should I do if I notice an error on my billing statement?

If you notice an error on your billing statement, you should contact the company’s customer service team immediately to report the issue and request a correction.

How do I pay my bill after receiving a billing statement?

You can pay your bill by following the instructions provided on the billing statement. Typically, you can pay online, by mail, or in person at a designated payment center.

What happens if I don’t pay my bill by the due date?

If you don’t pay your bill by the due date, you may incur late fees, interest charges, and a negative impact on your credit score. You may also face service disruptions or termination of your account in severe cases.

Can I receive my billing statement via email?

Yes, you can choose to receive your billing statement via email. Some companies offer electronic billing as an option for customers who prefer to receive their statements online instead of by mail.

How often will I receive a billing statement?

The frequency of billing statements varies by company and account type. Some companies may send billing statements monthly, while others may send them on a bi-monthly or quarterly basis.

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