Sea Turtle Coloring Pages Collection

Sea turtles are found in all oceans in the world. According to scientists’ data, turtles have been around since the end of the Jurassic period (145 – 208 million years ago) or as old as dinosaurs. The turtle has a pair of front limbs in the form of a rower’s foot that gives it dexterity to swim in the water. Even though all his life wandered in the water, these reptiles still had to rise to the surface occasionally to catch their breath. That’s because turtles breathe with the lungs. Turtles generally migrate a considerable distance with a not too long time. The distance of 3,000 kilometers can be taken 58 – 73 days.

The following is our collection of Sea Turtle Coloring Pages. You are free to download and make it your child’s learning material.